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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Douglas Yenko 427  WHITE

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Douglas Yenko 427 WHITE

Manufacturer: N/A
SKU: DP 50696
Price: $139.95
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What's this STORY of a White (DOUGLAS) Yenko, and with an endura (painted) bumper? READ ALL: This 1969 Yenko Camaro 427 is Dover White, with black stripes, black vinyl roof, endura bumper, the 5 spoke torque thrust mags, and it is a bit different from any other 1:18 Yenko Camaro ever built. NOW THE STORY (as we know it): Don Yenko did sell semi-loads of Yenko's to other dealers. Douglas Chevrolet was one of those, and at one point arranged so they could just buy the stripes, lettering, badges, etc', to install on COPO cars they ordered themselves to save shipping money (instead of cars being sent to Yenko - and then sent to Douglas). On the Douglas made Yenko's the "bowties" were left on the car, there was no 427 emblem put on the rear body panel, but a '"Jack Douglas" decal was placed on the rear body panel instead. These were not very well known until a few years ago, and some will still debate them. This is a replica of a documented real 1969 Douglas Yenko Camaro. It's real, and the real ones are very rare, so this 1:18 replica will really stand out in any collection! Only 750 made of this very detailed Yenko as a Limited Edition made for Supercar Collectibles. This new technology is great! Wired, plumbed, cables, hoses, carpeting, sliding seats, metal e-brake cables, just cool nice detailed cars

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